Where to Start

I can’t believe I’ve now written so many books that I need a “where to start” page!

Most of my books are set in Toronto, and there’s usually a lot of food and family. My Cider Bar Sisters series is about five friends who hang out at a cider bar; the first book in that series, Her Big City Neighbor is a good place to start.

If you like holiday novellas, consider A Match Made for Thanksgiving, the first novella in my Holidays with the Wongs series.

A lot of my books are short novels. If you prefer longer books—and if you like baked goods and movie stars—try Donut Fall in Love.

Lastly, if you enjoy Christmas stories, you might try One Bed for Christmas. The above books are all written in third person; this novella is in first person. It’s free if you sign up for my newsletter.

Both Her Big City Neighbor and Donut Fall in Love are also available in audio.

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