Bidding for the Bachelor

Fong Brothers, Book 2

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Also available in audio! Read by Derek Prince and Liam Pierce

Meet Cedric Fong…

I don’t need a date. I need to focus on finding a new apartment and finally writing another novel.

But as the last single Fong brother, I’m expected to participate in a bachelor auction to benefit my family’s charity. When there’s a frenzied bidding war, Brian Poon, my younger brother’s ex-best friend, puts an end to the chaos by bidding an eyewatering amount for a Valentine’s date with me.

Brian used to be a notorious partier, but his life isn’t as wild now that his father has cut him off. We have a good time eating and drinking together, and when he finds out about my apartment situation, he offers me his spare room.

Once I move in, Brian surprises me by baking me cookies and making it his mission to get me writing again. Soon, I’m working on a new book and getting closer to my roommate, a man who has never had a relationship and is all about casual sex—the opposite of me.

He also used to be in love with my brother. I wonder if he still is…

Release date: August 17, 2021

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