Books by Asian Authors in Kindle Unlimited

Please note: The list was compiled for May 2023 and is no longer being updated. Prices may have changed since then, and a few books may have moved into or out of KU.

Lucky Streak by Tif Marcelo
Wild Pitch by Cat Giraldo
A Milky Way Home by Hsinju Chen
The Innovator by Nadia Han
Nepo Baby by Kali Decker
Seducing Her Wicked Rogue by Sadie Bosque
The Art of Losing by Ruby Lang

Prince of Flowers by Nazri Noor
The Heartbreaker Next Door
Truth or Dare by Brianna Ocampo
Ex Appeal by Cathy Yardley
Give Love a Chai by Nanxi Wen
No Two Ways by Chi Yu Rodriguez
Perfect Rockstar by Olivia Peters
Almost Maybes by Anna P.
The Maharaja's Fake Fiancee by Alisha Kay
Gin's Tonic by Olivia Owen
Little Fire by Hollee Mands
Dragon Awakening by Arian Williams
His Cocky Prince by Cole McCade
The Sweetest Agony by Victoria Lum
Awkward in October by Teresa Yea
Fractured Glory by Loren Hart and YD La Mar
Phoenix Chosen by Ekaterine Xia
Boss I Love to Hate by Mia Kayla
Vanilla Steamer by Crystal Lacy
Luv Shuv in New York by N. M. Patel
A Summer Lesson in Romance by Noor Juman
Returning by Sabrina Sol
Role Playing by Cathy Yardley
The Wedding Setup by Sonali Dev
Everything She Ever Wanted by Liz Durano
About That Night by Amara Yan
10 Dates by Bridget Van Der Eyk

Twisted Trees, Flawed Fruit by Ara Zapanta
Nine Moons in a River of Stars, Phase One by Xen
Rescuing Hi`lani by Reina Torres
Almost a Scot by Jade Lee
This Doesn't Mean Anything by Sarah Whalen
The Mastermind by Nadia Han
Mayhem on the Hills by Simran
Desire's Unravelling by Khushi T. Saha
Silk land Sword by P. S. Scott
Redemption by Christina Sol
A Singh Family Christmas by Nisha Sharma
Shanghai Sheena by Mahogany SilverRain
Falling for Jordan by Liz Durano
Bad Girl Gone Good by Alisha Kay
Red Envelope by Atom Yang
The Broken Code by Ashish Rastogi
Silent night by Reina Torres
Beautiful Beast by Olivia Peters
It Takes Heart by Tif Marcelo
Playing for Us by Aurora Paige
Twisted Hate by Ana Huang
Gunpowder Alchemy by Jeannie Lin
Marriage Unarranged by Ritu Bhathal
Midlife Dawn by N. Z. Nasser
Passion's Liberation by Khushi T. Saha
Lustful Desires by R. M. Grey
Filthy Desires by R. M. Grey
Alien in Charge by Lili Zander
Falling for My Best Friend by Ruchi Singh
In Love with Her Millionaire Foe by Aarti V Raman
A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev
IF You Let Me Go by Sonia Rao
Attachment  Theory by Kayley Loring
The Thief by Tara Crescent
Moonstruck at Mardi Gras by Aurora Paige
Lullaby Scars by Hollee Mands
Komal Needs London by Sookh Kaur
The Formation of Us by YD La Mar
Will He Ever Be Mine by Simran

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